About Mach 5 Cars

Learn about the Mach 5 Cars history, our mission to provide excellent service and overall satisfaction with every rental.

Mach 5 Cars LCC.

We are an Exotic Car Rental company made up of car enthusiasts. We’ve loved
cars since our earliest childhood memories, and we want to share those fondest of
dreams with you now that we’re all grown up.

We recall the grandest of our boyhood recollections sitting in the lap of our Grandpa’s
old ’68 Mustang listing to rock n’ roll & blues. Later in our teenage years, our
biggest thrill was getting our own licenses and freedom to cruise around in a red
1986, Z28 Camaro, and then came our first date with the gorgeous Madeline Magee.
We were truly in heaven.

Our company’s goal is to reconnect you with the past your love affair with your
first car, and your dreams to experience the rumble and adrenaline rush of a super
car. We are committed to making this dream come true for ordinary people that would
otherwise never have the opportunity because of prohibitive costs. Our objective
is to provide the highest quality experience at lowest price in America.

Meet the Team

Learn about the founders of Mach 5 Cars and their mission to put you in your dream

Benjamin Grapes

Born: Elkton, Maryland

Hello, I’m Benjamin Grapes. I’ve loved sports cars since my earliest childhood memories. The rumbling exhaust and adrenaline rush of extreme, high performance cars are a most thrilling experience. As a teenager, I would often work on my car, modifying various components trying to fine tune and squeeze every ounce of performance out of the old V-8. I used to dream of driving a Fereri F50. I was giving a model of the f50 on my 8th birthday. I spent many afternoons imaging I was driving that red race car and hoped one day that dream would come true. This is my passion!!! And this is why I am so excited about Mach 5 Cars. It’s my chance to share my love for cars with others to see their faces lite up from the excitement of true exotic cars.


Andrei Spirin

Born: Princeton, New Jersey

Hey I’m Andrei Spirin. Since an early age I was attracted to cars like bees to flowers. Something about the sound, styling, and performance of cars really got me going, not to mention the exhilarating feel of acceleration and handling of a high performance car. Exotic cars like Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Porsche’s have always fascinated me in their astounding performance figures coupled with their looks. There was something always unique about them and they always carried this special feeling and vibe when you were around them. During high school I finally was able to get a ride along in a Lamborghini from my brother who rented one for the day. I’ll go ahead and say that I will never forget it. The feel and presence of being in a Lamborghini was just out of this world. With Mach 5 Cars, I want to share this experience and felling with everyone. My goal is to make your day, a day you will never forget.


Judy Harris

Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

My name is Judy Harris. I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the famous
Indianasppolis 500. I’ve been a car enthusiast since I was a little kid. I enjoy taking country drives and seeing the beautiful landscape. I am excited to work with Mach 5 Cars and to see people’s dreams come true. If I had to choose a car to call my favorite, I would say that the Porsche 911 turbo would be my vehicle of choice. I hope Mach 5 Cars can spread the joy of cars and provide an unequaled exhilarating experience for every client that only a high performance vehicle can provide.