Lotus Exige S

Rent a Lotus Exige S

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a go cart on steroids? Well the answer to this question would be to drive the astounding Lotus Exige S. The Lotus Exige S 1.8 liter supercharged inline 4 makes 240 horse power. The Lotus Exige S comes with a factory performance exhaust which makes this 4 cylinder sound like a race-car tuned engine as it crackles and pops while under deceleration. With the Lotus Exige S ultra-lightweight fiber glass body, the power to weight ratio is a recipe for some serious acceleration and performance figures. It will do 0-60 in a lightning quick 3.6 seconds. While driving the Lotus Exige S you can see where the racing pedigree from Lotus has come. The double wishbone suspension makes the lotus stick to the ground and can tackle any turn without a doubt in mind. The high performance tires that it comes with also helps the lotus stick to the ground as they are almost a racing slick. The Lotus Exige S interior is plain and simple like a go cart. There are 2 sport seats, a steering wheel, and your driving pedals. This will give you the feel like you are in a true race car and can most certainly enhance any drive you take. The Lotus Exige S is one of Lotus’s most well balanced cars. The suspension components are designed from some of their race cars. This gives the Lotus Exige S a go cart feel while driving it on the street. Where ever you point the steering wheel that where it will go. Another attribute that helps the Lotus Exige S out with its precise driving feel is the fact that it doesn’t have any power steering, making all steering input direct. On the track, the Lotus Exige S is in its own class. The Lotus Exige S will out handle most supercars that are on the market today.
The Lotus Exige S styling is one that competes with the supercars today. The beautiful curves and lines of the Lotus Exige S can make even a Ferrari look dull sometimes. Off the track, people will take pictures of you and the Lotus Exige S because many have not seen such a car before which makes it a true exotic. The performance and styling of the Lotus Exige S is a superior blend of race car pedigree with todays high end exotic looks.


  • Horse Power: 220
  • Torque: 159
  • Curb Weight: 2061 lbs
  • 0-60: 3.8 seconds
  • 1/4 Mile: 13.2 seconds
  • Top Speed: 150 mph