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Porsche Exotic Car Rental – Extreme German Sport Car

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Have you ever considered the idea to rent a Porsche? Would you like to experience the German perfection and superior engineering capabilities of the German exotic car company? Porsche Automobil Holding SE commonly referred to as Porsche is considered, by many car enthusiasts, as Germany’s principal racecar manufacturer. Professor Ferdinand Porsche founded the legendary company in 1931. Porsche originally didn’t manufacture cars; instead however, offered consulting services and motor vehicle development studies. German government tasked Porsche’s very first assignment and thus Porsche created the “Peoples Car” or better known as the Volkswagen Beetle. Porsche has since become a heritage-racing machine that unlike most other super exotic car manufacturers utilizes a smaller more economical engine design without losing performance and actually has increased reliability. Porsche recently released a most wonderful creation named the Porsche Cayman S. The Porsche Cayman S is a mid engine car which gives an incredible handling edge and also employ’s a 3.4 ,6 cylinder engine and 6 speed transmission. This combination holds Porsche true to its name, creating an excellent and fun race track exotic car. The Porsche Cayman S is quite simply the perfect German creation and is quite underestimated. If you would like to drive a Porsche and experience first hand see what a perfect blend of power and handling feels like than contact Mach 5 Cars. Exotic rental car, quite possibly a German idea given how logical it really is to rent an exotic car and not having to worry about the cost of maintenance and depreciation. If you would like to experience Philadelphia exotic rental cars or Washington DC exotic car rental than Mach 5 Cars from central New Jersey is the proper company for you. Few people in this world will understand the enjoyment and thrill a Porsche can bring. Seeing the road as a playground instead of a chore is what driving a Porsche is all about and Mach 5 Cars can bring this dream into a reality.

Rent an Exotic Car Ferrari – Dream Car Experience

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

If you marvel at what it may be like to rent a Ferrari and enjoy firsthand intimacy and gratification of a true super exotic sports car, then Mach 5 Cars is the best place for you to call and or visit. Enzo Ferrari founded the legendary car company known as Ferrari in 1929. His profound love of racing and inspirational perfectionism drove his company to becoming the world’s leading race car manufacturer still held at this current date. The limited population that has been given the opportunity to drive a Ferrari has rendered the brand name Ferrari as exotic rarities held solely for the wealthy; not to be driven by the common place citizens of the world; such luxury’s are for the elite class of people and those so fortunate to afford a first class exotic supercar. However, exotic rental cars are available for rent and now anyone can experience a Ferrari and be discerned as a symbol of power and prosperity. NYC Exotic rental car and NJ exotic car rental is available from Mach 5 Cars. Mach 5 Cars offers a Ferrari F430 which is quite simply one of the best track cars ever designed. The Ferrari F430 does 0-60 in an astonishing 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of an adrenaline pumping 196mph. Ferrari’s name is undoubtedly the best in race car experience and performance capabilities as they win virtually every title in competitions worldwide. To drive a Ferrari is like becoming part of the Mona Lisa. Not only is Ferrari a beautiful work of art but has an ability beyond the visual, transforming into an alternate world of superior excellence where one can become part of art and racing threw a thoroughbred pedigree called Ferrari. If you have a passion for excellent and would like to drive an exotic rental car call Mach 5 Cars for an opportunity to drive your very own Ferrari.

Exotic Car Rental Lamborghini – Italian Glamour Car

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Would you like to rent a Lamborghini and render the first hand charge of one of the world’s most astounding and glamorous exotic car manufacturers?  Italy’s claim to fame, Lamborghini, the legendary car is said to be comparable to riding a bull.  Lamborghini rental cars are readily available from Mach 5 Cars; you too can experience the bold passion and true excellence of the legendary Bull for yourself. When you see a Lamborghini instinctively you find your eyes glued to the astonishing presence from beautiful curves and harsh lines which create the marvelous masterpiece known as the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. When you drive a Lamborghini it will instill a level of confidence and prestige. Knowing you can go 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and top out at a blistering 195mph is gigantic however, the real secret sauce of Lamborghini and the precise reason for this boost of mojo is quite simply heritage. Driving a Lamborghini is like having a birthright; it doesn’t make you better than anyone else yet, you find yourself feeling outlandishly superior and surmount to everyone and everything you happen to come in contact with. One must find an exotic rental car such as the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder offered by Mach 5 Cars to understand the feeling of satisfaction and superhero like transformation that driving a Lamborghini will give. If you would like to rent exotic cars contact Mach 5 Cars today.

Rent A Lotus Exotic Car – Extreme British Car Engineering

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Have you ever wondered what it may be like to rent a Lotus? The name Lotus is cherished worldwide for being one of the greatest handling exotic cars ever to be created. Whether you’re on the race track competing for a record lap time or your cruising along the coast line, the chance to drive a Lotus will continue to create an impressive image that peoples of all ages and cultures can and will appreciate. Extreme British car engineering has revolutionized the market for decades; names like Lotus, Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin hold special place’s among many car aficionado’s worldwide. Any true British exotic car will be sure to impress via refinement and sophistication that only the Brits indubitably possess. Our Lotus Exige S is quite an impressive little machine, its can sprint from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and keep pulling to over 150mph. Lotus however, isn’t really about 0-60 times and top speeds. The real beauty of a Lotus is its extremely nimble and agile structure, which allows for the world’s greatest small track race car experience.  If you’re wondering about a Lotus rental car and if it’s possible to drive exotic rental cars then check out Mach 5 Cars located in central New Jersey. Mach 5 Cars offers NYC exotic car rentals and will allow clients to not only read about true exotic cars but actually give clients the ability to drive and experience the great engineering that has been poured into these wonderful and rare exotic cars.


Range Rover Rental Luxury Cars

Friday, June 15th, 2012

When you think to drive a super luxurious car with extreme comfort you will want to drive a Range Rover Supercharged. The supercharged 4.2 V8 powered Ranged Rover Supercharged is Luxury/Sport cross over that has raised the bar of the Luxury cross-overs and caters to dreams. With two chassis to help with comfort on mild off-road conditions, electro-hydraulic anti-sway bars, and myriad of internal luxuries, the Ranged Rover Super Charged is a highly comfortable vehicle. The Range Rover Super Charged isn’t you’re typical SUV – it’s more along the lines of a high riding GT car with a nice force-fed-V8 under the hood that will produce plenty of thrust at 410lb-ft torque and 420 horses. The Range Rover Super Charged is the perfect vehicle to take to the city or up to the mountains for a weekend hiking or skiing trip. Getting there will be comfortable, smooth, and quick. Its cabin is elegantly fitted with all the luxuries you would expect of a luxury high-end crossover and sleek fitting, modern design. The exterior is even fitted with the original 20in. wheels, making it is a very high quality ride. Utility, luxury, and performance, the Range Rover Super Charged has set the standard for GT car focused crossovers, and it has set it very high. It being in a class of its own creation is why we carry it in our exotic and luxury rental car line-up and have very affordable rates on premium exotic and luxury car rentals vehicles such as this one. Make that memorable experience even more special with a vehicle that is sure to get you there in both luxurious comfort and supreme style. If you would like to rent a Range Rover contact a representative from Mach 5 Cars today.

Exotic Car Rentals Fathers Day, Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Fathers day is a great time to rent a Shelby GT 500 for your father. American innovation at its best is born out of brow-sweating hard work and unrelenting determination, and the creation of the Shelby follows this tradition. The Shelby brand dates back to 1965, when no American dared to challenge the dominance of Ferrari and the other European racers in the brutal 24 hour race of Le Mans – except, that is, for the American race car legend, Carroll Shelby. Carroll Shelby’s first car, the Cobra, left the competition stunned with its breathtaking performance and speed, and the Mustang Shelby GT500 is the modern personification of that exact spirit of excess power and excess performance. Ignoring the standard set by most Europeans who will claim that 400 or 500 horse-power is sufficient enough, Mustang decided to supercharge their V8 to a stratospherically explosive 550 horse-power. The most horsepower ever to come from a factory American Muscle car, and personally our most powerful exotic car rental, that we have to offer. When Carroll Shelby returned to create the Shelby Mustang in 2007 after almost four decades of absence, he went right back to work at building a purpose built speed-machine with the power to substantially beat even modern Corvettes.  In an interview after returning to making the Mustang Cobra around that time, Shelby claimed that, “…a car doesn’t need more than 300hp, but these cars do,” and went on to explain that we’re still in a modern horsepower war with the world. This car is sure to force every car enthusiast, to reconsider what’s possible within a modern exotic muscle car, redefining the imagination of what’s adequate and what’s not in terms of power. It’s no wonder that American Patriotism thrives off of this spirit of self determination and competition, and the Ford Mustang has as been an icon since the 60s of American Muscle and all of that raw patriotic spirit. Specifically their high performance version of the Mustang GT Cobra’s have always been purpose in the spirit of friendly American competition to beat Corvette. This ruthless spirit is just another way that the Shelby Mustang continues to be an example of the car that Carroll Shelby deemed worthy to put his name to and shook up the muscle car world. Father’s Day is this weekend, and car lovers should pay tribute to one of the greatest American fathers who, unfortunately, passed last month.  Yes, he had children, but Carroll Shelby also gave birth to a symbol of American ingenuity, prowess and endurance with Shelby. We all have our own personal legends in our lives, so who better to take out in our all American Shelby GT 500 on this fathers day than Dad. Go beyond expectation and surprise him an authentic American icon of muscle and legend, one that you’ll be sure both to enjoy! The Shelby GT500 is a tremendous example of its legendary heritage barely within legal limits and completely out of the realm of sanity and practicality. If you would like to have your dad drive a Mustang Shelby GT 500 then call Mach 5 Cars and let your dreams become reality.

Exotic Car Rentals Porsche Cayman S

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

If you have ever wanted to drive a Porsche Cayman S Mach 5 Cars is the place to make your dreams come true. With the styling of a sports car and the handling of a purpose built race car, our Porsche Cayman S breaks the stereotypical trend of an exotic car, in that its one of our best handling cars, as well as one our most massively understated. Its original stock wheels and body design pay tribute to the car’s designers and original beauty. Despite being less outspoken than some of the other members of the Porsche family, the Cayman S is amplified to be truly one of the best handling when fitted with minor performance modifications. Originally equipped with an open differential that limited such an otherwise flawless car to be effectively “one-wheel-drive” at the rear-end through the corners, we’ve fitted it with a bespoke drivetrain and final drive that allow for both limited-slip and full-positive-lock! This translates to the optimal amount of speed in a corner possible, pushing the car to its authentic limits. Easy enough to drive for the inexperienced Porsche enthusiast, in the hands of a true expert this car can be quite the toy.  As soon as you get behind the wheel of our modified exotic rental car the Porsche Cayman S, you are immediately oriented with the quintessential appeal of being in the cockpit of a thoroughbred driver’s car.  Its center-situated engine and feather-light weight compared to the rest of our fleet of exotic car rentals, immediately hint at why we would choose our Porsche Cayman S as the perfect car for corners. If you’re looking for an involving and fun precision drivers tool to rent, this stealthy disguised street car might be the perfect memorable experience for you. A lightweight rear-wheel-drive vehicle will always be the recipe for an outstanding driver’s car. Its agility and fantastic precision in the corners reveal the swift wolf in sheep’s clothing trait of this car, while providing for flawless balance and tremendous handling. That’s the combination for driving a real sports car of dreams. We would love to help have a great experience for you to rent a Porsche from Mach 5 Cars .

Exotic Car Rentals Audi R8

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Mach 5 Cars allows clients to live the dream by allowing people to drive an Audi R8. It doesn’t take very long to understand the draw of the Audi R8 because it’s simply gorgeous. Amongst other possible exotic car rentals, the R8 doesn’t shout for attention, simply because it doesn’t need to. Audi’s infamous “R8” was the first to take the concept of an exotic supercar and take both its drivability and safety to another level, while still maintaining a sensational driving machine when pushed through its gears. Its aluminum monocoque construction is a beautifully simple, but functional, solution to weight savings. By eliminating a cover, and actually wearing its chassis itself as a suit, it both saves weight, and flaunts fundamentals. Masterpieces such as the Audi R8 are more than an exotic, bordering the realm between a pure work of art and a precision track tool. The Audi R8 doesn’t roar excessively when idling, it doesn’t shout in your face with a bright exotic color, and it doesn’t have the urge to kill you. But when you actually take an exotic car rental out for an evening or special occasion, these initially perceivably minor details can slowly start to agitate you. The Audi R8 is the perfect complimentary piece to most any occasion, and is also probably one of the more safer exotic cars on the road. Due to its Quattro all-wheel-drive system, it’s grip is tremendous. It still maintains the ushered feeling of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, while sending minimal power to the front differential, resulting in a sense of comfort that you are always in control. Its handsome looks, and athletic pedigree are sure to bring the right kind of attention your way, while avoiding being too outrageous. The perfect night out often all depends upon the minor details, and the Audi R8 provides all of the necessities for an unforgettable experience. Mach 5 Cars from central New Jersey offers exotic car rentals. To rent an Audi R8 is a great way to enjoy any weekend, anniversary, special event and much much more; call Mach 5 Cars to get information on renting your exotic or luxury rental car today.

Exotic Car Rentals Ferrari F430

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Rent a Ferrari, thats the most amazing way to experience the passion and thrill only a true exotic car like the Ferrari F430 can bring. The name Ferrari, is one that can be held to a standard of beauty, performance, and master craftsmanship that is unparalleled in the automotive world. It is no wonder that its history and heritage in the racing world has ensued a worldwide group of passionate enthusiasts that are all drawn to the brand for its inherent lack of compromise and absolute passion for winning. Here it Mach 5 Cars, we pride ourselves in taking part in the same passion for automotive excellence, and we also just so happen to be fortunate enough to carry exotic car rentals like the Ferrari F430! Ferrari being in a league of its own, most Ferrari fans will admit to being “not a car guy” but rather “a Ferrari guy.”  Owning a Ferrari is comparable to owning an investment or a rare work of art, but given the experience to drive one, is an absolutely unexplainable experience that evokes the emotion of living your childhood dream. Its a wonderful and overwhelming feeling, one that Ferris Bueller could only describe as “so choice.” The particular brilliance of Ferrari F430 is its ability to extenuates itself even beyond its use as a fine track instrument, to all situations on the road. Ferrari’s have always been world class uncompromising sportscars, barely built within the legal limit of a road vehicle, but the F430 is one of the few testaments to modern technology that allow it to be driven like calming when required or roar uncompromisingly on the limits of grip and beyond when requested. Unlike most supercars or hyper-cars, the F430′s elegance exceeds expectations when it comes to stuck traffic, low RPMs, and the other daunting affects of daily driving while at the same time maintaining its reputation for excellence without compromise. It also gives the driver the option between. As a piece of master craftsmanship, the Ferrari F430 sets the tone for pure automotive excellence. If you’re in need of a master piece to include on that special evening or just have always dreamed of being behind the wheel and in control of a 490 horsepower Italian V8, we have the perfect exotic rental car for you the Ferrari F430. If you would like to drive a Ferrari F430 contact Mach 5 Cars.

Rent a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to rent a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder? Mach 5 Cars from central New Jersey offers exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals. If you have ever seen an exotic car pass you on the road you’re probably aware of extreme presents the car holds. Exotic and luxury cars offer extreme styling as well as superb handling and amazing sounds; together these attributes make one perfect car. A perfect day starts with the keys to any of the Mach 5 Cars exotic rental cars. Normal driving becomes a thrill if you’re behind the wheel of a true exotic or luxury car; you can rent several exotic and luxury cars and see the difference in each brand of sport and comfort vehicles. Each exotic and luxury car has a different look, style, sound and various other areas of perfection. We have a very impressive fleet of cars. We have many exotic and luxury car rentals to choose from. Here is a list of the current vehicles in our exotic and luxury car rental fleet: Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Lotus Exige S, Audi R8, Porsche Cayman S, Shelby GT 500, Range Rover Supercharged and a Ford F350 King Ranch Dually Diesel. If you would like to rent an exotic car or just have questions about exotic and luxury cars give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk with you. Cars are our passion and we love to share in the excitement with others!