Exotic Car Rentals – Rent a Viper

Exotic car rentals, a great way to drive a Viper which is such a great opportunity. Every once in a while something amazing can get even better; Dodge has just released their 2013 Viper which has exceeded every and all expectations that the legendary cars followers could have expected. Mach 5 cars recently had the opportunity to see one of the rare 2009 Dodge Viper’s; this very rare and exotic American muscle car is an extremely beautiful car however, when compared with the new 2013 Dodge Viper is somehow loses some of its exotic appeal an you can’t wait to drive a 2013 Viper. Mach 5 Cars is the best exotic car rental company on the east coast and we will be ordering our very own 2013 Dodge Viper in October; look us up on Twitter and Facebook for updates on our always new and growing fleet of Exotic and Luxury car rentals.


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