Luxury Rental Cars are a Great Way to Impress Friends

Exotic Rental Car Driving Tour

You will really impress your friends with a luxury rental car from Mach 5 Cars LLC. There are several reasons why you will be able to leave a lasting impression.  You will be able to impress your friends because some of the luxury rental cars we have onoffer include Maserati Gran Turismo S, Porsche Cayman S, Ferrari F430, and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Others are Audi R8, Aston Martin DBS, Ford F450 King Ranch Dually Diesel, Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, Lotus Exige S, and Range Rover Supercharged. These are some of the top luxury cars in the world and you will not find them on the average U.S. road on any given Sunday.


You will leave a lasting impression with Mach 5 Cars luxury rental cars because nobody needs to know that it is a car rental. The cars do not have markings indicating that they are from Mach 5 Cars LLC.  Our cars are readily available – you could lease a car whenever you have the opportunity to impress your friends such as when you want to drive to a friend’s wedding or to a high school reunion. It is vey difficult to find that the car you want is “out of stock” when you need it.  The fact that we have so many luxury rentals cars for our clients to choose from means it is difficult for you to find that you are trying to impress with a car that a friend had during the previous week.


You could lease the car for one weekday, for one day weekend, for two days weekend, for three days weekend, or for a whole week. If you have the money, you could lease the car for as long as you want.  Some of our cars are cheaply available. As an example, you will only pay $350.00 per day (weekday) for Porsche Cayman S. This means making a lasting impression will not leave a hole in your pocket.  You will impress your friends with luxury rentals cars from Mach 5 Cars because you will get VIP treatment whenever you go, be it clubs, restaurants, or hotels. This will make your friends envious.  The fact that the company offers door-to-door drop-off and pick-up service means there will be no embarrassing moments when picking the car or when dropping it off. The fact that you can book luxury rental cars online also ensures that you can book in anonymity to avoid awkward moments.

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