Lotus Exige S in Washington DC

Its beautiful weekend in Washington D.C and you want to do something exciting for the weekend. What better way to change things up than renting the rare Lotus Exige from Mach 5 Cars in Washington D.C. The Lotus Exige S is not a car that you see every day. It is actually quite rare in fact. They only brought 271 over to the U.S to be sold. The Lotus Exige S is a road going go kart. It is basically a go kart on steroids. The Lotus Exige S would be a perfect car to weave in and out of the busy Washington D.C traffic since it is so small and agile. The Lotus Exige S body is made out of fiber glass and ultra light material in the frame structure. The chassis is solid and rigid and feels like a race car.

The Lotus Exige S weighs only 2100 lbs. The Lotus Exige S comes with a 1.8 liter supercharged engine that makes 240 horse power. The power to weight ration in the Lotus is unreal and with a good driver you can reach 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The power delivery is exceptional and you can feel how it comes in especially when tackling the beautiful and scenic George Washington Memorial Highway. It is precise and accurate and completely gives a whole new meaning to road going race car. It is like nothing else and needs to be experienced when you rent the Lotus Exige S from Mach 5 Cars in Washington D.C. The looks of the Lotus Exige S are out of this world. Driving down in the city the unique design of the Lotus will clash with the historic buildings like the Capitol Building or the Lincoln Memorial and could make for some awesome photos. People will surely take photos of you and the Lotus as you tour the city. The beautiful lines and curves and the bright yellow color really make it stand out from anything that is on the road today. The supercharged 4 cylinder will scream when taken through the revs and will send chills down your spine when you have the top down. It is truly a drivers car and is probably one of the most fun you will have if you rent the Lotus Exige S from Mach 5 Cars in Washington D.C.