Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG

The iconic car manufacturer known as Mercedes was the very first company to produce, what we now depend on for many uses, the automobile. The automobile revamped our world as we knew it by means of faster transportation in addition to many more abilities to include: moving heavier loads, plowing fields faster and many other uses even fun ones like racing. Mercedes pioneered the automotive industry with great engineering and forward thinking towards broader horizons. Henry Ford was the first individual to realize that not just the wealthy could afford cars and designed what we now know as the assembly line. This assembly line allowed for everyone to be able to afford a car however, these cars are not the Mercedes way of thinking. For most people the best way to experience a true exotic super car is to rent one from an exotic car rental company like Mach 5 Cars. Mercedes always thinks of the drivers needs and then designs a vehicle to meet these very specific requirements. This extreme desire to deliver an unprecedented driving experience is one of the many reasons that Mercedes is considered to be a premier name in automotive manufacturers. When you purchase a Mercedes you spend quite a considerable amount more than a typical car however, let me tell you, these extra bones are quite worth the ride, especially if the choice is the amazing Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG which includes all the speed but still keeping to the refined Mercedes heritage.

When you rent an exotic car you get all the exotic wonders without the exotic price tag. The Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is quite frankly one of the worlds most impressive cars. Ford as you know creates cars for everyone and also has a pretty amazing beast for their claim to fame known as the Shelby GT 500. Both the Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG and the Shelby GT 500 and very similar in straight line performance, sans the extreme price point difference, where as a Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is 270k the Shelby GT 500 is 65k. One quickly could wonder why not just get the Shelby GT 500 its just as fast and way less money. Lets keep in mind that its not always just about the performance and the Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is one amazing machine. When you rent exotic cars you get every thing except the cost. The Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is a refined automobile its 0-60 is accomplished in an astonishing 3.6 seconds. This is very quick indeed however, the real amazement behind this ridiculously fast acceleration isn’t the time as much as the sublime comfort and smoothness this car delivers while achieving this 0-60 time.

Part of this refined smooth feel is due to the transmission being a dual clutch setup which gives shift times quicker than you can blink or 0.008 seconds. This is very quick and gives the driver a sense of never actually feeling the car shift. The Mercedes also has a 6.3 V8 and is naturally aspirated delivering 580HP. Also the Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is one of the most nimble cars you can find on a track pulling more than 1G in turns. Everyone deserves to experience the wonders of this super car the Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG and you can drive one if you rent from Mach 5 Cars. When in comes to the word driving it can mean many things to many different people; transportation, fun, comfort and many others. If you want to experience all these feelings with one car then the Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is the car for you. The Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG is like merging two favorite types of cars. American Muscle with its deep throaty exhaust and off the charts torque then, Germany give refined speed and handling, when you merge these too amazing types of cars you get, the Mercedes Gull-Wing SLS AMG.

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