Rent a Porsche Spyder


The Porsche Spyder is a slight spinoff of the Porsche Boxster. At first glance they look a little similar. As you actually take some time and start to observe the Spyder you will notice a few difference between them that really sets off the Porsche Spyder from the Boxster. To begin with, Porsche only produced 1900 Sypders of which 780 were targeted for the US. The Porsche Spyder was designed with one thing in mind, lightness. Observing the Spyder details you begin to notice that the lines of the car a little more aggressive than the Boxster. The Convertible top is no longer powered but rather done manually which saves 75lbs. The seats are now comfortable suede racing seats that are fixed, which saves another 100lbs. The doors don’t have door handles but rather a red loop that you pull on like a Porsche racecar would have. All these little differences here and there made the Porsche Spyder significantly lighter than the Boxster. The Porsche Spyder weighs 2920lbs unlike the Boxster, which is 3150lbs. With this weight decrease, the Porsche Spyder also has a more powerful engine, which makes it have some impressive performance figures. The Porsche Spyder has a 3.4l flat 6 which produces 320hp. The power to weight of the Spyder makes it accelerate to 60 in 4.4 seconds, thanks to its PDK transmission, and it will go on to do the quarter mile in 12.8 seconds. For a little car like that, it sure puts up a fight. On top of its astounding performance figures the Porsche, as any other Porsche is, handles absolutely awesome. It is a go kart on steroids but it is actually comfortable. The Bose premium sound and the comfortable interior wont leave your ears ringing and your back destroyed from long trips. You can throw the light Spyder into any corner and it will take it with a grin on its face shortly followed by yourself doing the exact same thing. The Porsche Spyder is a true drivers car and needs to be experienced for yourself. It has everything you want in a sports exotic. Looks, performance, handling, and a huge fun factor that will leave you smiling is what the Porsche Spyder is about.

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