Rent the Exotic Ferrari California

Ferrari is a brand name that everyone knows but few have experienced the pure adrenaline rush that only a super car brand name like Ferrari can give. One of Ferrari’s interesting automobiles is the Ferrari California. The Ferrari California is a heritage car they produce a limited number of every so many years. These car typically appreciate after Ferrari’s production run stops and the cars become less and less readily available for purchase. Currently a Ferrari California will set you back around 245k which for most, if far beyond the spectrum of price one could afford to pay for a vehicle given, this cost the same as a normal house. However, before letting a sad mode set in, good news for us all; Mach 5 Cars an exotic car rental company offers not only a Ferrari California but a fully loaded and extremely rare version of the Ferrari California for rental at a price anyone could afford.

The Ferrari California is one extremely awesome car to drive. The California is equipped with the prestigious 458 V8 motor straight out of the Ferrari Italia and also is housing a fully automated hard top convertible which when used looks like a scene right out of the transformers. The Ferrari California can be rented and experienced today at Mach 5 Cars. The Ferrari California is truly a wonderful drivers car where the exhaust sound is like angles singing decadently just for the drivers ears. The Ferrari California houses a fully automated transmission that is dual clutch so it shift quicker than you can blink. All in all this stylish Italian super car is one monster that even Mario couldn’t dislike.

If you are ready to drive in the worlds most amazing super-car experience’s then contact Mach 5 Cars to rent your exotic Ferrari California today. They offer the very best in premier exotic and luxury car rentals. The best day is the day you drive a Ferrari California top down and say hello to ultimate freedom from the world best automotive manufacture Ferrari. The Ferrari California is a one of a kind super car that you absolutely have to drive for yourself. This dream car is your chance to fulfill your life’s needed checkoffs for your bucket list of things to do.

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